Technical details

Dikohedron White Mirror
The body of the lamp is constructed out of thirty 3D printed truncated pyramids which all together form a rhombic triacontahedron. At the bottom of each pyramid is an electronic circuit which acts as a daisy-chained BUS interface for a high power (4W) LED. The LEDs are controlled by an Arduino which is reprogrammable through a WiFi connection. Each LED is capable of producing millions of colors. The faces of the lamp are made of lasercut translucent plexiglass, rendering the object completely white when it is turned off. The lamp plugs into a standard 220V wall socket. When pluged in, it creates its own network, through which the controls can be accessed and reprogrammed.
· PLA boxes, 21.5×13.5x9cm, 30 pieces
· plexiglass tiles, 21.5×13.5×0.3cm, 30 pieces
· custom electronic circuit, 10x6cm, 30 pieces
· high power LED, RGBW 4W, 30 pieces
· BeagleBone Black
· Arduino Diecimila
· Wireless network adapter
· custom software written for Arduino
· ShiftPWM library for Arduino
All software is freely available at our github: